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By accessing this website you agree to be legally bound by this disclaimer. All information found on our website are provided in good faith and have been checked by us. However, we do not assume liability for correctness and completeness of the content. No contractual obligation is created between us and the user of the website by the use of the website. The website contains links to websites of third parties (external websites). The operators of external websites are fully responsible of the content of their websites. The external website links do not create any responsibility of Lipoid Kosmetik AG for the content of external websites. We shall not be liable for the content of external websites in any form. The content and the design of the website are subject to copyright. Therefore, the content and the design shall not be duplicated or used in any form which is not in compliance with legal stipulations without our prior written consent.

Personal Data
According to Swiss law, every person shall have the right to the protection of their privacy as well as the protection from misuse of their personal details. Lipoid Kosmetik AG complies with these provisions. Personal data is treated as strictly confidential and is neither passed on nor sold to third parties. Lipoid Kosmetik AG makes every effort to protect our website from outside access, data loss, misuse or falsification.
When you visit our website, we store the domain name or IP address of the enquiring computer, the client’s file request (file name and URL), the http answer code, the webpage from which you are visiting us and the date and duration of your visit. This storage takes place for the purposes of determining disruptions or the misuse of our website. Your usage data is not evaluated in order to create a personally-related usage profile.
Communication Through E-mail
E-mails may be intercepted, altered or read by unauthorized persons. We therefore recommend that you use regular mail, courier services or facsimile transmission for any information intended to be of a confidential nature. However, by sending us messages through e-mail, you authorize und instruct us to correspond by e-mail in the relevant matter.

Product Properties
All data and recommendations made herein are based on our present state of knowledge. We disclaim any liability on risks or formulae that may result from the use of our products, including improper and illicit use.

Please be aware that the listed properties medicinal or otherwise that have been sourced from literature should act as value-added information only. No proof of these statements by testing or otherwise will be provided by Lipoid Kosmetik AG (this excludes test data generated by Lipoid Kosmetik AG in support of our specific actives range). Please be aware that the use of any claim on cosmetic products is the sole responsibility of the customer and is regulated by your local Regulatory Body.
Applicable Law
This disclaimer shall be governed by the laws of Switzerland.

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